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Morgane`s testimony

Date: April - September 2010
Activities: International communication
Location: Bhopal




"I came to Bhopal in April 2010 and joined the Ekta Parishad national office in order to offer my skills in international coordination and communication as part of my internship for my Master’s degree. These six months have been a wonderful experience and opportunity. Indeed, my main task has been to write the monthly Jan Satyagraha Newsletter to promote Ekta Parishad’s activities in numerous Indian states. I have therefore been able to discover the Indian reality, far from the touristic India you will find in travel guides…Indeed, I have been able to discover peasant life, the difficulties that women and children encounter but also and more importantly the means they use to fight for a better life and livelihood. This experience has made me grow and learn things about myself in a way that I did not suspect. India is a fascinating country, where you feel torn apart between what you love there and what you hate there, but one thing is for sure, it will not leave you indifferent. “This after” represents a transition in my life, I now see things differently and there is no coming back!"

Marie Chantoin

Date: June - November 2009
Trainee for Solidarité
PR Puram, Tamil Nadu 


I was sent to Tamil Nadu thanks to Solidarité, a French partner organisation of Ekta Parishad. Within the framework of my study in international Humanitarian Law and Humanitarian Project Management I had to do a professional training. I chose to go abroad, to work in the field. Together with Marion, another trainee, I was sent to PR Puram, in Tamil Nadu. After arriving at CESCI Organics where we spent four months, the first step was to communicate with the locals. We had some difficulties to explain the aim of our visit, as nobody there spoke English.
During our time there we made some surveys in the field and went to villages to interview “farmers` groups”. We supervised the local team and we analysed the situation. After sending our report, we wrote another proposal for Solidarité who explained the local context and suggested to implement another project in the area. In this way we achieved our mission in PR Puram, and came back to France to finish our university study.
I can say that it was an amazing and interesting experience, personally as well as professionally. The difference of culture is huge but the landscape and the population are so nice that you can only be in love with the country.  it’s really great to see how Indians live in this world, fighting for better conditions, enjoying every day and following their way hoping for a better future. I will never forget this journey to India, the people, colleagues, and friends that I met there.

Anais and Sam`s testimony

Date: May - October 2007
Activities: Preparation of Janadesh March-2007
Location: Delhi



"We have been working with Ekta Parishad from May to October 2007, during the preparation of Janadesh 2007 and the actual foot-march. This experience was very intense, both difficult and fulfilling. Difficult because we had never dedicated so much energy to a cause, especially in a different cultural and social environment. Fulfilling because we have rarely felt that our work was meaningful and because we were going on with inspiring people. Accompanying Ekta Parishad before and during Janadesh was a learning process that revealed our will to be part of the change in the world and to realize things that make sense. It gives us also connection with a wide and interesting network that is active all over the world. Ekta Parishad`s struggle keeps on being a stimulating model."

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