Ekta Europe

Ekta Parishad Europe is an open network of independent organizations and individuals of European countries. Members provide moral, political and financial support to Ekta Parishad in its struggle to assist deprived people to achieve control over their means of livelihood such as water, land and forest using non-violence as a means of creating changes for the people. Please visit their website for more information.

Gandhi International

Gandhi International is a French N.G.O. which brings together motivated individuals and various non-violent organisations working for social change in the cause of justice and peace. Its aim is to promote renewed interest in Gandhian thought and action throughout Europe and other continents, by organising cultural events, conferences and symbolic acts.

Sarvodaya USA

Sarvodaya USA promotes self-help development to improve the quality of life for everyone, especially the poorest and underprivileged. It also seeks to influence global development policies to become more human-focused and more mindful of our traditional and cultural values.

Ekta Canada

Ekta Canada is a consortium of organizations, groups and individuals dedicated to promoting non-violence in communities in Canada and around the world. Ekta Canada supports Ekta Parishad`s efforts by organizing solidarity actions in Canada and by working to raise awareness on the use of non-violent measures as a means to promote social change. Please visit their website for more information.


SAID India provides educational programs in non-violence training in rural India. It does this in support of and in cooperation with Ekta Parishad. SAID INDIA promotes placements and internships for study and work experience in nonviolent action and social movement work in India.

South Asia Peace Alliance (SAPA)

SAPA aims to promote sustainable peace through the philosophy and practice of non-violence by adressing structural and other forms of violence that affect a large number of marginalized people across South Asia.

South-South Solidarity

South-South Solidarity is an organization aiming at interchanging expertise across developing countries and advocates on critical issues of poverty such as health, women and hunger.


Bihar, Pragati Grameen Vikas Samiti (PGVS) Patna

Pragati Gramin Vikas Samiti is a non- governmental Organization located in Patna. It works on Gandhian methods. It has started its journey in 1985 in 6 villages of Naubatpur block of Patna district with a thrust for changing the livelihood of disadvantaged/neglected people of the society particularly the women and children. Pragati has been implementing the needs and rights based programmes covering human resources development, income generation, environment and human rights including child rights, health, sanitation and education covering 13 districts, 35 blocks and 850 villages.

Chhattisgarh, Prayog Samaj Sevi Sanstha - Tilda

Prayog is the parent body of the Ekta Parishad network with office in Tilda, in district Raipur. Since 1982 Prayog has been working on land rights, and rehabilitation of bonded labour, and income generation activities. It organised harijan stone quarry workers in Baasin. It has six micro enterprises run by women. These include a papad, bidi units. It has been engaged in soil and water conservation in Chhattisgarh


Grameen Vikas Pratishthan (GVP) - Tilda

GVP has been working for more than 15 years in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It is based on the Gandhian principles of rural development. GVP has passed through various stages of growth. It has carried various experiments on rural development through economic activities such as promoting Khadi and village industries. The guiding principles behind this are to sustain and promote the traditional work, to check the uncontrolled migration of people in search of livelihood and to avail employment opportunities to the rural masses. Khadi generates employment at the grassroot level and gives a wider publicity to the rural products. Today the Khadi products produced are sent to the other end of the former Madhya Pradesh, i.e. up till Gwalior in Chambal. Similarly many other programs are taken-up based on the understanding of rural development. Some of such programs are sustainable agriculture, and endeavors to develop a self-reliant pattern of organizational development.


Delhi, National Youth Project

NYP focuses on channelising India`s youth energy for nation building and human betterment by helping them to develop self-discipline, simplicity, endurance and dignity of manual work.Mainly focussing on Development(General).

Jharkhand, Naya Sawera Vikas Kendra (NSVK) - Hazaribagh

Naya Savera Vikas Kendra (NVSK) is a non-governmental organisation working among Tribal and Dalit communities in Gidirih, Koderma and Hazaribagh districts of Jharkhand since 1999. NSVK has collaborated with Ekta Parishad - National, and participated in its activities from early 2000.

Kerala, Kerala Gram Nirman Samiti (KGNS) –Calicut

Veteran Gandhian and educationalist Sri. Radhakrishna Menon (Radhettan) and his colleagues Sri. P.V.Venugopal and Sri.P.V. Rajagopal (convenor of India Partner’s Council and founder & Conveenor of National Level Ektha Parikshad) together formed Kerala Grama Nirmana Samithi in 1986. The main aim of the organization is to uplift the rural poor economically, socially and culturally. At the initial stage, 5 NGOs having Gandhian ideology and similar vision, located in Malabar area of Kerala were affiliated to KGNS’s network. Four more NGOs joined later .

Though Kerala is the most literate state in India and has a well-organized labour force, the state’s productivety is among the least in the country. Alcohol consumption in this small state is the highest in India. Suicide rate in Kerala is three times the national average. Women and children are the worst affected lot in the present crisis-ridden context of Kerala. By focusing on women and children, KGNS has been bringing a ‘healing touch’ into their lives.

Now the Organisation has proved integrity and service in the field of rural development. There are 1200 SHGs (Self Help Groups) with 24000 women members working in 9 NGOs. During the last 25 years of its working, KGNS and its network NGOs have developed considerably towards achieving their vision.


KGNS will continue to articulate new ideas and dreams of the younger generations of Kerala as well as the other parts of the world. We hope that your support will be always behind us in all the good work that are going an now and those are going to be initiated in the future too.


Madhya Pradesh, Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram (MGSA) - Joura

MGSA is a Gandhian organisation believing in action through non-violence. It was set up by veteran Gandhian Subba Rao with an initial fund of Rs 16,000 left over from the Gandhi Centenary year celebrations.The organisation works with youth and primitive tribal groups, and helps set up khadi spinning/weaving, and oil crushing units. It also manages schools for tribal children and undertakes advocacy and awareness programmes related to land rights. It conducts activities related to soil and water conservation, farmers’ training programmes, managing of Krishi Seva Kendra, maintaining grain banks, etc

Ekta Foundation Trust (EFT) - Bhopal

Ekta Foundation is a registered trust under public charitable trust act in the year of 2001 set up with a motto to change the life style of those struggling, neglected, exploited, down trodden mass by supporting effective and sustainable programs. The purpose of EFT is to preserve and promote the handicrafts industry and generate employments for rural/urban slum people, which most of them are women. EFT provides marketing linkages to many handmade products.

Ekta Foundation is also supporting land and livelihood righys campaign


Navarchana Samaj Sevi Sanstha - Jabalpur

Navrachna formed in the late eighties and it has been actively functioning in Bundelkhand-Baghelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh for the last two decade. Navrachna was officially registered under Madhya Pradesh society Registration Act in 1987 by a well known gandhian follower Mr.Rajagopal P V along with a group of young social workers with Gandhian orientation with an aim of promoting rural youth as a social activist. The group was well aware of the poverty and injustice in the region as a result of a very oppressive feudal social system where all resources are usurped by the few while the majority remain within a cycle of poverty and subservience. It was among this majority that NRSSS started its work by taking up the most volatile and daunting issue of land to the landless and peoples’ right to and control over natural livelihood resources of land, water and forest. Since then it has been striving to develop people’s strength and power through various empowerment efforts. It is also engaged in many experiments on alternatives in the present system.

Manav Jeevan Vikas Samiti (MJVS) – Katni

Manav Jeevan Vikas Samiti is an Non Governement Organisation which got itself registered under Societies Registration Act, in November 2000 in Jabalpur Division. With a mission of have workers in every village who will help the organisation and to create SHGs in villages to make people Self Employed and to eradicate the various Social Evils from the Society

Center for Experiencing Socio-Cultural Interaction (CESCI) - Madurai

CESCI stands for Centre for Socio-Cultural Interaction and is situated near Madurai in Tamil Nadu in South India. It was founded in 1993 by the Swiss psychiatric nurse and photographer, Maja Koene, in collaboration with the well-know human rights activist, Rajagopal PV, the initiator of the land rights movement, Ekta Parishad. As its name suggests, CESCI exists to promote socio-cultural exchange. But it is also a place where the activists of Ekta Parishad can reflect on their work, receive training and regenerate their energies for the social struggle. CESCI is managed by an Indian foundation, which is in turn supported by the Swiss support group. In fact, CESCI is now largely self-supporting, which means that the Swiss group, currently consisting of 350 members, can focus on contributing financially to locally initiated projects and also on supporting the work carried out on a national basis by Ekta Parishad to achieve comprehensive land reform.

National Network

Gandhi Peace Foundation

Gandhi peace Foundation Centres are functioning in most parts of india especially in the areas that experience ongoing conflicts. Every Centre usually organizes special functions to commemorate who made significant contribution to the freedom struggle or builng of modern india. For inspiring youth, many centres run youth education and youth involement progrmmes of constructive socal work titled" Taking Gandhi to schools and youth".


Indian Committee of Youth Organization (ICYO)

ICYO is a non-profit, non-governmental network organization, committed to develop areas of mutual cooperation and understanding among the different youth voluntary agencies, youth groups and clubs and individuals functioning in India. It functions as an umbrella organization networking youth NGO’s all over India.

Manav Kalyan Trust - Saberkantha

Manav Kalyan Trust is aiming at improving the standard of living and lifestyle of disabled children. Their institutions have been designed to facilitate their basic needs. The infrastructure includes library, prayer halls, primary health centre, beds, lockers, sanitation facilities, and drinking water units.


BioRe - Khargaon

bioRe India Limited is an Indian service and trading company that procures and sells biodynamic (certified organic) cotton . bioRe India supports local farmers in growing cotton following biodynamic farming principles.

bioRe®, the organic producer company was founded in 1991. Its objective is to improve small farmers' livelihood through organic farming. Farmers are treated as partners receiving agricultural advice and support for the purchase of organic means of production. Organic farming enables farmers to build up agricultural production on a sound basis giving them increasingly stable income without the need to take loans for expensive chemicals".

International Network

Jan Ouest 2012

Jan Ouest 2012 is a collective which aims to demonstrate that the Gandhian principles of social justice and human dignity are important in the whole world. It supports Ekta Parishad by gollecting international funds.


Tamadi offers alternative trips that focus on local accommodation, using local transportation, accompaniment by guides from partner organizations and small groups of travelers.
Tamadi organizes its tours in partnership with organizations that have a place in the civil society of the host countries.

Simon Williams

Simon Williams is photographer who dedicated a lot of his work to Ekta Parishad.

Solidarity Network

Community Self-Reliance Network (Nepal)

Kenya Land Alliance

La Via Campesina

MST-Brazil`s Landless Workers Movement

Quaker Peace and Justice (Britain)

Nonviolent Peaceforce