Jan Andolan 2018
Ekta Parishad, a mass-based Gandhian organization, is constantly engaged in raising the issues of'LandRights' over three decades at various levels. With some strategic and real successes on ground, huge challenges remain to resolve it in favor of marginalized communities. During Janadesh (2007) and Jansatyagraha (2012), some of key concerns were negotiated with the Central Government. However, the impacts of our campaigns and negotiations have not proved enough to bring all desired changes to serve the purpose of the marginalized communities. With the commitment to take this unfinished agenda to its logical end, the Ekta Parishad has resolved to take up another mass movement, named Janandolan (People’s Action) in October 2018. 




On 30th December 2014. Sahariya tribal community organized a traditional meeting in village name kadesara kalan of tahil Talbehat of district Lalitpur of Utter Pradesh and decided to struggle for their tribal rights through unity in community.

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समाज की एकजुटता से लडेंगें हक की लडाई

समाज की एकजुटता से लडेंगें हक की लडाई

30 दिसम्बर 2014। उत्तरप्रदेष के ललितपुर जिले के तालबेहट तहसील के कडेसराकलां गांव में आयोजित सहरिया आदिवासी समाज पंचायत की बैठक में सामाजिक मतभेदांे को भुलाकर आपसी एकजुटता के साथ अपने हक की लडाई के लिए आगे बढने का निर्णय किया गया।

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Building up powerful organisations

Building up powerful organisations


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Non-Violence Education

Non-Violence Education

Nonviolence is about personal as well as societal transformation. As Gandhi said, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world."  The Youth need to learn the conflict resolution skills, knowledge and attitudes that will help them to valuing the differences as well as the similarities between themselves and others.
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