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Ekta Parishad, a mass-based Gandhian organization, is constantly engaged in raising the issues of'LandRights' over three decades at various levels. With some strategic and real successes on ground, huge challenges remain to resolve it in favor of marginalized communities. During Janadesh (2007) and Jansatyagraha (2012), some of key concerns were negotiated with the Central Government. However, the impacts of our campaigns and negotiations have not proved enough to bring all desired changes to serve the purpose of the marginalized communities. With the commitment to take this unfinished agenda to its logical end, the Ekta Parishad has resolved to take up another mass movement, named Janandolan (People’s Action) in October 2018. 


Ahead of Jana Andolan movement,a documentary on padayatra for land reforms

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Ahead of organising the upcoming Jana Andolan movement, National Land Reforms Council (NLRC) member and Ekta Parishad founder PV Rajagopal who spearheaded the Janadesh and Bhoo-Adhikar Yatra to pressurise the Government to implement the Land Reforms Act to provide 10 cents of land to the landless across the country has arrived in Kerala. In his presence, a documentary on 'Padayatra as a mode of protest’ will be screened at Gandhi Bhavan here on Saturday.

“In the Jana Andolan movement coinciding with the Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations on Oct 2, over 25,000 Padayathris including 500 Padayatris from Kerala will join the pilgrimage on foot which will be a mark of protest for land reforms. It will be from Haryana to New Delhi.

As land registration and its title formalisation remains the prerogative of the State governments, Rajagopal had sought the Central government to recommend the States to adhere to the Land Reforms policy which involves redistribution of land from the rich corporate owners to the poor landless including tribes, farmers among others. Though the Centre is yet to introduce the Land Reforms Act, it came up for debate in the Parliament.


On the lines of Vinobha Bhave, earlier in 2007, Rajagopal had led the Janadesh Yatra from Kanyakumari to Delhi covering 80,000 km touching 350 districts in 24 states across the country for a month demanding land re-distribution to the landless people of the country. He had persuaded the 500 dacoits of Chambal to give up arms and to opt for peace. He has served as a member of the Committee on Land Reforms led by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2012 and as a member of the Task Force Committee on Land Reforms led by former Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh.

“The government has a moral responsibility to provide at least 10 cents of land for the landless poor and one hectare farm land for those who depend on agriculture for their livelihood. When 56,000 hectares of land is given for multinational corporations by the government at throw away prices, why not provide one hectare for agriculture based livelihood and ensure forest dwellers right to save the tribal community. Land for landless is the basic right for every citizen irrespective of gender, religion, caste or creed,” Rajagopal said.Early last month, he made a visit to Kerala with a central team of officials to discuss on Land Reforms Policy in the country and for creating a digital data on land as part of `Digital India Land Records modernization program’.

(The times of India)
Author: Nabil Singh
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