Jan Andolan 2018
Ekta Parishad, a mass-based Gandhian organization, is constantly engaged in raising the issues of'LandRights' over three decades at various levels. With some strategic and real successes on ground, huge challenges remain to resolve it in favor of marginalized communities. During Janadesh (2007) and Jansatyagraha (2012), some of key concerns were negotiated with the Central Government. However, the impacts of our campaigns and negotiations have not proved enough to bring all desired changes to serve the purpose of the marginalized communities. With the commitment to take this unfinished agenda to its logical end, the Ekta Parishad has resolved to take up another mass movement, named Janandolan (People’s Action) in October 2018. 


March 19-21, Youth training camp on peace and non violence movement in Patna, Bihar

March 24 – Foot-march from Noubatpur to Patna



Satyagraha for homestead land rights of 0.6 millions of dalits families in Bihar

March 19-21, Youth training camp on peace and non violence movement

March 23 – Bringing soil of Satyagrah from Champaran to Naubatpur

March 24 – Foot-march from Noubatpur to Patna

March 25-26, Homestead land rights Satyagraha at Patna (capital city of Bihar)

Champaran Satyagrah (non violence agitation) was the first agitation of Mahatma Gandhi for the quick solution of farmer’s problem in Champaran, Bihar in 1917. Many organization and Bihar government is celebrating 100 anniversary of this Satyagrah through public meeting and seminar etc. In this conjunction, Ekta Parishad is going to celebrate this Satyagrah on road to raise the voice of 600 thousands homestead landless dalits, who are passing their life in huts nearby the canal, road side area, drains and slums in Bihar.
Mr. Pradeep Priyadarshi, Vice President, Ekta Parishad said that earlier Bihar Government set up a committee on land reforms agenda in Bihar and which had also recommended to provide 10 decimals land to the dalits landless families for home to enjoy dignity full life, but Bihar Government did not follow it. 
For the preparation of this satyagrah, a three days youth training camp on peace and non violence movement will organize in Vikram block of Patna district to teach one and half hundred youth across the state in direction of Dr. Rajagopal P.V from March 19-21, 2017. 
After that, a team of activist will go to Champaran to bring the soil of Satyagrah to Noubatpur. Dr. Rajagopal P.V (founder of Ekta Parishad) will lead the foot-march from Noubatpur to Patna on 24th March with thousand of landless peoples. Foot-march will reach on same day and then two days Satyagrah for homestead land rights (sit-in) will organize in Patna (capital city of Bihar state).
Several social workers, intellectuals, organizations and journalists will participate in this foot-march across the country. Dr. Ran Singh Parmar, President of Ekta Parishad will also take part in this satyagrah along with other eminent activist of Ekta Parishad.


Author: Vinod Kumar
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